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♥Hey kid, what's shakin?
♥I'm Hollie. And i'm 20.
♥I play World of Warcraft, I'm A Night Elf Priest. :P
♥I also play Counter Strike (source and 1.6), Team Fortress 2, and loads more.
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"A long time ago something very bad happened to me..
it still makes my heart ache..
it made me very, very, very sad..
it was very painful..
it hurt a lot..
when i lost something so dear..
but i am searching..
for the person just for me..
someone who will love me because i am myself..
and i found him..
but that was the beginning of something even more painful..
it is painful to be next to him though i could not do anything..
it is painful to see him go through pain..
that is why i decided to stop being in front of him and disappear..
i disappeared because i loved him..
and yet its even more painful being unable to see him..
and even more painful not being able to meet him..
i parted ways with him because i loved him.."

"you parted ways though you loved him?"

"..because that meant happiness for him.."

"what is happiness?"

"happiness is...?"